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The Cowboys are diametrically opposite of the state of the NFL in a very bad and concerning way

The Cowboys are zigging while the rest of the league is zagging. Is that a good idea?

When it comes to recent seasons it feels like there’s always been a hiccup with the NFL.

For the longest time (shout out to the one and only Billy Joel) we didn’t truly know what a catch was, many would argue that we still don’t. These days the collective groan comes over the new roughing the passer penalties we’re seeing and how seemingly impossible it is to tackle the quarterback.

It’s obvious why the NFL wants rules like roughing the passer to be enforced. The objective is to protect the quarterback because it’s a quarterback league. Quarterbacks move the needle and help drive the point-scoring, and the NFL sure does love it some points.

The rules of the game in 2018 are very different than they were in 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005, heck even 2015 to a degree. The NFL wants points, scoring, and fantasy-like situations and that’s exactly what they’re getting.

Points are being scored like never before in 2018

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