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Looking at Dak Prescott’s first 37 starts versus Tony Romo’s last 37 is very interesting

Remember that numbers don’t tell the whole truth.

People are always going to compare Dak Prescott to Tony Romo. It’s the way sports work.

The 2016 debate of Dak or Tony will live in infamy as one of the more spirited ones to ever grace the hallowed halls of BTB. Thankfully we’re past that, but with Dak playing poorly to begin the season (and dipping during a chunk of last year) many have been yearning for the days of Niner once more.

It’s hard to prove either side when you have a debate like this. Times change, teams change, rules change, but time is so important that it must be said once more that times change. We can never truly compare person A to person B because we can’t simulate the exact same environment for both experiments.

People try to compare though, and they do so in clever ways. People look at common denominators like their home records, road records, and records during certain stretch of time like their first 16 games for example. As we’re looking at 100% of Dak Prescott’s body of work here it’s really not fair to compare him to all of Romo’s because that one is larger.

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