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Where have the Cowboys improved since Dez Bryant caught it at Lambeau Field?

We’ve traveled quite the path since January 11th, 2015.

Thursday marked an anniversary of sorts for Dallas Cowboys fans, that is, assuming you associate the word “anniversary” with a terrible event you wish never happened.

January 11th, 2018 served as the three-year anniversary of when Dez Bryant, in all his glory, defied gravity and definitely caught it at Lambeau Field. Yes, sigh.

We’re not here to dissect how Dez did catch it, we’re here to discuss the post-mortem. What have the Cowboys done since? Where have they grown? Where have they regressed? That is, assuming there is a denotable value to either.

2015: 4-12, Disaster of all Disasters

Dallas “pulled off” three first-round picks with their 2015 draft haul in Byron Jones (actual first-round pick), Randy Gregory (second-round pick who would have been firt-round pick but fell for off-the-field reasons), and La’el Collins (undrafted due to circumstances he’d be cleared of).

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