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NFL draft expert: Why Texas' Malik Jefferson is not a 1st-round prospect; the key to Baker Mayfield's pro ceiling

Dane Brugler, senior NFL draft analyst for, answered questions about the upcoming draft and the Cowboys during a live chat Friday. Here are some highlights:

Question: Will Malik Jefferson be a first-round pick? Is he an option for the Cowboys at some point in the draft?

Brugler: Texas fans think I hate their school because I'm not as high on several of their prospects (although I am a Poona Ford fan). And Jefferson is one of those players. He doesn't have first-round tape or instincts. He's more of a guesser -- when he guesses correctly, it looks like coaching tape. However, when he guesses wrong, it leads to big plays for the offense. There is plenty to like about Jefferson -- I expect him to test extremely well at the combine and perform well during the team interviews. His attacking mindset on the field is something I want on my roster. But his "draft value" belongs more in the second or third round and will need simplified reads to allow his best traits (speed and aggressiveness) to shine.

Question: What's Baker Mayfield's ceiling?

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