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Rico Gathers is already the most explosive Cowboys tight end

Rico Gathers has all the tools to be a great option in the Cowboys passing game.

Rico Gathers has four total receptions in two preseason games spread over two years, so it may be more than a little premature to designate him the Cowboys’ most explosive tight end. Nonetheless, what a combination of plays they were!

Here’s the first one, from last year.

After this play, Michael Irvin labeled Gathers “Zeus”, saying he was like a Greek God. There is little doubt that no other tight end on the Cowboys roster could have executed that run after catch. What’s truly amazing is his balance for a big man.

Then there are the reports that Gathers ate up the Cowboys defense last year when Tony Romo was throwing to him while on the scout team.

Gathers posed mismatches in the passing game with smaller defenders, and Romo knew exactly how to take advantage.

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