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Emmitt Smith: Colin Kaepernick 'definitely has the talent' to play, somebody needs to give him a chance

The curious case of Colin Kaepernick has been an interesting topic throughout the NFL offseason.

As quarterbacks have shuffled from roster to roster, the second round draft pick in 2011 who led the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII in 2012 has been unable to find a new employer in the NFL.

Former Dallas Cowboys and Pro Football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith was asked about Kaepernick at the 17th annual Harold and Carole Pump Foundation charity event Friday night.

Smith told Black Sports Online that Kaepernick 'definitely has the talent' to play and someone in the league should give him an opportunity.

"He deserves to be back in the game, regardless," Smith said. "He is an American citizen and he does have rights. And his rights should not be violated just like no one else's rights should be violated."

The Cowboys were one of many teams who added a veteran quarterback not named Kaepernick during the offseason. They signed 36-year-old Luke McCown in July to become the team's third-string quarterback behind Dak Prescott and Kellen Moore.

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