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What's being written about Elliott's suspension: NFL may have gotten one right; ruling could be transformative

News that the NFL has handed down a six-game suspension to Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott sparked a lot of conversation in pro football circles.

Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw had this to say: Jones loves to talk about risk and an unwillingness to "lay up to the lake," but risks are exactly that. Sometimes you pay a heavy price for them, and the Cowboys are finding that out in 2017.

Although Elliott had no criminal record to give anyone pause, there were stories of his partying at Ohio State and how even his roommate Joey Bosa had stopped hanging out with him. The Cowboys whispered that they would keep an eye on him, but they rarely do anything of the sort with their high-risk players.

Here's a sampling of what other writers had to say about Elliott's suspension:

Mike Freeman, Bleacher Report: For one of the few times ever, the NFL took the word of a woman who said she was physically abused over the word of one of its stars.

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