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Vote: Redskins? Eagles? Which team wins as the Dallas Cowboys' biggest rival?

Who is the Dallas Cowboys' biggest rival? Might depend on who you ask.

Below are some candidates for America's Team's biggest rivals. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to cast your vote on which team you think is the top arch-nemesis of Dallas.

Note: All records and playoff series records are from

Washington Redskins

Cowboys' record against them the last 10 games: 6-4

All-time series record: Cowboys lead 68-44-2

Times met in the playoffs: 2. Washington won both times.

Reason why: Football purists will probably like this option. While Cowboys-Redskins has lacked some pop in recent history, the way these two teams battled in the late 60s and early 70s was entertaining on and off the field.

There was the game where Clint Longley took over for a hurt Roger Staubach to shock Washington on Thanksgiving Day. It's easy to tell just how much Tom Landry didn't like Redskins head coach George Allen by what he said after that game in 1974.

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