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Sturm's Mailbag: Are the Cowboys The Favorite To Win Their Division?

It is May 19th, which means you likely have nothing on your mind besides football. With that as our inspiration, let's do a nice, healthy-sized Cowboys Mailbag with nothing but your finest in hand-crafted emails and letters (just kidding, nobody has sent me a letter in years)!

Q: Thoughts on Cowboys' total wins opening at 9.5 in Vegas?

That seems incredibly reasonable to me and if I were a betting man, I would offer you the confidence that this is something the team can go get with great ease. Of course, if you would have asked me a similar question after the 2014 season about a similar over/under on the win total heading into 2015, I would have likely blessed ideas of another double-digit win season. Instead, they won four games and picked 4th overall to get them Zeke.

So, yes, I am quite sure they will win 10 games this season. But, I have been sure before and then been quite wrong. There are no sure things in Vegas, boys. I will spare you the "those casinos don't build themselves" cliche, but you know they are right.

Q: Does Dez lead the Cowboys in receiving yards this season?

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