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Predicting The 2017 Dallas Cowboys 53-Man Roster By Position Group Numbers

The names are subject to competition, but how many may fill each position may be easier to figure out.

So let’s get this in up front. It is very premature to try and figure out exactly who will make the 53-man roster for the Dallas Cowboys to start the season. This year, the team looks to have very good depth at a lot of positions. The last man in at many spots will be totally dependent on how the players perform in camp and preseason.

But how many players will be kept in each group is a different question. The Cowboys have some historical trends that can indicate how this might shape up. Besides, we all love to play general manager and make our predictions. So here is a breakdown of how things could turn out. Of course, unforeseen injuries, such as happened with Kellen Moore last year, can radically change things, but we will speak no more of such things for now.

Specialists: 3

Let’s start out with the easiest one to call. We all know that Dan Bailey, Chris Jones, and L.P. Ladouceur are just about bulletproof, and the number is fixed.

Quarterbacks: 2

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