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NFL front office power rankings: Where do Jerry, Stephen and company fit it?

NFL front offices, for the most part, have done what they can do to improve their respective rosters for the upcoming season. Free agency and the 2017 draft are in the rear view mirror.

With that in mind, CBS Sports' Sean Wagner-McGough recently released his NFL Front Office Power Rankings ... because you've gotta have power rankings for just about everything when it comes to the NFL.

A disclaimer. His ranking are not intended to predict how teams will fare in 2017, only how their front-office personnel performed.

You get five seconds to guess which team was ranked first. Five, four, three, two ... that's right. The New England Patriots, with Bill Belichick leading the way.

After that, the rest of the top five might surprise you: No. 2, the San Francisco 49ers; No. 3, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; No. 4, the Cleveland Browns and No. 5 (ouch!), the Philadelphia Eagles.

Where did Jerry, Stephen and company rank? Dallas came in at No. 11.

Here's what Wagner-McGough had to say about America's Team:

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