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Cowboys News & Notes: Is Dak Prescott A One-Hit Wonder?

One national writer reminds us that there was a time when RGIII and Nick Foles were considered the up and coming passers in the NFC East and how those players never lived up to the initial promise.

National writer: Let's see more from Dak Prescott before erasing all doubt; even RGIII 'looked like a sure thing' SportsDay DFW Staff, Dallas Morning News

Having Dak Prescott come in and take the starting QB slot in the wake of an injury to Tony Romo and then refuse to surrender the position once the veteran returned is generally viewed as a positive sign for the Dallas Cowboys. However, one national writer is quick to point out that no matter how strong his rookie outing, Prescott is still a mere mortal and the possibility exists that his success could be an anomaly once teams around the NFL get a good book going on him.

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