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10 Burning Questions: #6 - Will The Cowboys Force More Turnovers This Year?

In this series we will count down (from 10 to 1) some burning preseason questions for the Dallas Cowboys.

Turnovers are huge difference makers in the NFL. There have been many who have looked at the question. Here’s one example.

Kevin Rudy

There is a positive correlation between turnover differential and winning percentage. We can conclude that 44% of the variation in a team’s winning percentage can be explained by their turnover differential. This shows that turnovers are not overvalued when it comes to winning percentage. ...

But we shouldn’t rest our laurels on winning percentage. Scoring differential is a better indicator of how good a team really is, so let’s see if the same trend holds when we use that as the response instead of winning percentage.

Kevin Rudy

This graph looks almost completely the same. It doesn’t matter if we look at winning percentage or scoring differential, turnovers play a major part in both.

Having said that, how have the Cowboys done in recent seasons in creating turnovers?

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