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UNC beat writer on why 'shifty' Ryan Switzer is about to make Cowboys QB Dak Prescott's day 

The Cowboys drafted North Carolina wide receiver Ryan Switzer in the fourth round with the 133rd overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. SportsDay chatted with The News & Observer's Andrew Carter, who covers UNC football, to learn more about Switzer. Below are some highlights about what Switzer can do for Dak Prescott, his crazy special teams potential and his inner lip tattoo:

Switzer had quite the reaction in a video of Jerry Jones calling him to say the Cowboys picked him. Where did you, he expect him to go in the draft?

I think he expected probably to go in that range of round but I don't think he had necessarily extremely crazy high expectations about since he was a guy everyone always doubted all throughout his life because of his size.

When the call came I'm sure it was obviously emotional. He's an emotional guy, a pretty tenderhearted kid, who's watched "Frozen" over and over again. It's like his favorite movie. He has a really young sister I believe and that relationship keeps him grounded and tender. He's an emotional guy who wears his emotions on sleeve so the way he reacted isn't surprising.

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