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Cowboys News: Another Brutal December Looming For Cowboys In 2017?

We have known who for a while, but now we know when and where the Cowboys will be playing each week.

Cowboys' schedule: Dallas is in for a brutal December - David Moore, Dallas Morning News

It has been said that the true mark of a wise man is how frequently he agrees with you. In this case, Mr. Moore must certainly be wise beyond measure because he and I are in complete agreement on the challenges Dallas will face during the season's home stretch.

Three of the team's final four games are on the road. The three games the Cowboys play to kick off the final month of the regular season -- at the Giants, at Oakland and at home against Seattle -- are against teams that compiled a record of 33-14-1 last season.

If the Cowboys are to be a factor in the race to the Super Bowl they will have to start out strong and finish even stronger. Champions are made during December in this game, and Dallas will certainly have a chance to prove themselves worthy as the season winds down.

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