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Why Tyrone Crawford is glad he'll face Eli Manning -- and how he found secret to frustrating the Giants QB 

FRISCO -- The New York Giants officially unbenched their two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback on Wednesday.

The Cowboys are glad they did.

What does the chance to go against Eli Manning instead of Geno Smith mean to Dallas?

"It's exciting playing good quarterbacks, veteran quarterbacks," defensive end Tyrone Crawford said after practice. "That's who you want to play when you're playing in the NFL.

"You don't want the backup left tackles and all the backups. You want to play the best. And I feel like we're going to be playing the best quarterback they got."

Crawford knows what he's getting in Manning. The 29-year-old lineman has faced Manning in nine games - six as a starter - since the Cowboys drafted him in the third round in 2012. Manning has won five. Crawford has recorded four quarterback hits, two sacks and 1.5 stuffs in those games. He remembers the sacks vividly.

"Anytime you get that guy on the ground, you can tell his game starts getting a little bit more frustrating," Crawford said. "When you're able to make that happen, it's a special feeling."

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