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Flexed Cowboys-Giants "regional" nooner Sunday still headed to large slice of the nation

Remember the snickering last week when word came down from the NFL that it was moving Sunday's Cowboys game at the New York Giants from Fox's 3:25 p.m. "national window" to a presumed-less prestigious noon "regional" kickoff time.

Lots of folks made faces because the corpse-like Cowboys-Giants game was moved to make way for the Jacksonville Jaguars-Seattle Seahawks. National television has such an aversion to Jacksonville that witness protection programs are believed to send those they want to hide to the Jaguars.

I tried to tell anyone who would listen that it wasn't necessarily a kick in the Cowboys pants. Rather it was a crafty move to get the Cowboys-Giants, two sad sack teams, in front of more eyeballs.

The Cowboys, you may recall, were 5-6 at the time. The Giants were 2-9.

Not all "national" games are created equal. Also scheduled in Fox's 3:25 time slot was the NFC-East leading Philadelphia Eagles at the NFC West leading Los Angeles Rams. I predicted that the division leaders would get the bulk of the "national audience."

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