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One year later: Looking back at the day Tony Romo stepped aside for Dak Prescott 

FRISCO -- One year ago the seamless transition of power took place.

Incumbent Tony Romo graciously stepped aside as the Cowboys quarterback with an eloquent and poignant concession speech. While the hastily called news conference caught many in the organization off guard, including the head coach, the depth and sincerity of the comments came as no surprise.

The afternoon of Nov. 15 at The Star was significant for the franchise and Romo. It was the final, public endorsement Dak Prescott needed to take his oath as the team's franchise quarterback.

No one could say with any certainty at the time, but looking back it was the moment Romo cut the emotional and competitive ties to the sport he loves. It was the first step down a remarkably fast road that led to a career in the CBS broadcast booth as the network's lead color analyst for NFL games.

All of that came from a statement that lasted just under five minutes.

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