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Examining The Historically Poor Pass Protection In Atlanta 

The Atlanta Falcons started Week 10 with only the 18th best pass rush in the NFL with 18 sacks. They were closer to the bottom of the league (Tampa Bay - 8) than they were to the top of the league where Jacksonville sits on 35. But, by nightfall, they were tied for the 7th best pass rush and are now just 3 sacks out of 2nd place.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys offensive line trailed only the New Orleans Saints in protecting their QB. Drew Brees had only been sacked 8 times in 2017 and Dak Prescott was at 10. The Cowboys pass protection again had been one of the very best in the NFL. But, by the time they boarded their plane to head back to Dallas, they fell behind Minnesota, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles (Rams), Jacksonville, Oakland, and Miami down to 10th place in sacks surrendered.

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