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Week 6 NFL picks: Eagles and Giants expected to lose, Redskins to win

Picking the winners and losers for the Week 6 NFL action as the Cowboys head into their bye week.

Week 6 and the BTB panel is marching along in a lockstep formation as the Cowboys enjoy their bye week: six of the 14 games this weekend are unanimous picks, and three more games have only one out of 11 votes for the underdog. This of course takes some of the fun out of the weekly pick 'em, but you can't have everybody being a contrarian all of the time.

The BTB Panel has the Patriots, Falcons, Packers, Redskins, Chiefs, and Broncos as sure picks. The only thing you can really read out of this is that there are probably going to be a couple of big upsets happening this weekend.

In NFC East action, the Eagles are clear underdogs to the Panthers, the Redskins should score an easy win over the 49ers, and amid reality-defying fan cries of “It's not Eli's fault,” the Giants continue their push for the No. 1 draft pick against the Broncos in Denver.

Who do you think will be the upset winners in Week 7? Let us know in the comments section below.

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