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'I love him too much': Tony Romo's kids are back at it with their cuteness, this time with a newborn in the mix

Life seems to be pretty great right now if you're Tony Romo. He is crushing it in his new career, drawing mostly positive reviews (unless you're Brent Musburger). He also has probably the cutest family on the planet and every now and then, he'll share the cuteness with the world.

That happened again early on Wednesday when Romo shared his past Sunday with the world on Twitter:

That is little Jones, born just this past August, resting with Hawk.

This was just the latest episode in cute moments. Remember the time Romo had to bargain with Hawk for loving him more? Or how about the time when Romo was developing Hawk and Rivers into the next great quarterback-wide receiver duo?

If there was a competition for cutest NFL family, Romo's is pretty young but would certainly seem to have a good step ahead, kind of like his broadcasting career.

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