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Cowboys’ offensive snap counts at the bye: Dallas is getting back to last year’s formula, but needs to be better

Who played, and who produced, for the Dallas Cowboys offense? In our weekly look at the snap counts, we’ll evaluate whether Dallas is using it’s players well, and how well each of them is producing.

The Cowboys fell to the Packers 35-31 in a game they could have won. They were left disappointed once again by the late-game heroics of Aaron Rodgers.

Offensive Overview

The Cowboys rolled up more than 400 yards again, and 31 points, but lost at home. As Bob Sturm noted, that almost never happens.

When your offense scores 30 points (or more), gains 400 yards of total offense and runs for 150 yards on the ground, they win - regardless of anything else. We don't even look at defensive stats or turnovers or anything. Just those three numbers that demonstrate great productivity and plenty of it happening with a great ground attack.

Games over the course of Cowboys history where Dallas has checked those three boxes total 60.

They have done it 60 different times and have won 57 of them. 57-3 seems like a pretty solid trend, right?

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