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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett on national anthem: "I do believe we're united on this.'' 

Jason Garrett declined to offer specifics on what owner Jerry Jones told the players in his latest meeting about how they should conduct themselves during the national anthem.

But the Cowboys head coach characterized the discussion as productive and revealed that Jones shared ways the players can make an impact on the issues that matter to them.

"Well, like we've had in the past, the meetings were very productive,'' Garrett said of the meeting that took place after Wednesday's practice. "I don't want to share the contents of the meetings right here but Mr. Jones has always had great love, admiration and respect for the players. He just felt like it was important for him to come in at the end of one of our team meetings and share his position on the anthem with our team very directly.

"I think that demonstrates the respect that he has for our guys and the love and admiration he has for our guys. I think he also wanted to share different ways to make an impact on some of the issues that the players have concerns about.

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